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Public Service Heads of Ministry vacancies

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The Cook Islands Public Service is on a journey to excellence to achieve the national vision “to enjoy the highest quality of life consistent with the aspirations of our people, and in harmony with our culture and environment.” 

The public service requires strong and dynamic public managers to lead the development of public policies and manage multiple stakeholders, through a volatile and constantly changing global landscape.  This demands leaders with foresight, agility and intellectual capacity in striving for better outcomes for the Cook Islands.

The Public Service Commissioner is seeking applicants for the following leadership roles:

  1. Secretary for the Ministry of Education
  2. Secretary for the Ministry of Health
  3. Secretary for the Ministry of Internal Affairs

All roles are on a fixed contract term for up to three (3) years.

Job descriptions can be downloaded below or emailed upon request.

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International Scholarships

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PRESS RELEASE – CIG Public Sector Strategy 2016-2025 launched in English and Cook Islands Maori

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26 January 2016

“It is a privilege to publicly release the Cook Islands Government Public Sector Strategy 2016-2015 in English and Cook Islands Maori today”, said Public Service Commissioner, Mr Russell Thomas.

The ten year Strategy focuses on strengthening the people, structures and systems across the sector to achieve the government’s vision for a Public Service of Excellence.

Thomas explained that “this Strategy is our journey to excellence – focusing on improving our leadership and workforce capacity, reviewing our agency structures, and strengthening our systems to improve our performance and services to the communities we serve. While our primary focus is on strengthening the public service, the outcomes of the Strategy are aimed at ensuring we achieve our national sustainable development plan goals and vision”.

The Strategy has three phases: Phase 1 – preparing for change, phase 2 – implementing change and phase 3 – sustaining change.

“I would like read more

PRESS RELEASE – Voluntary retirement scheme for government workers

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7th December 2015

Today marks the launch of the Cook Islands Government Voluntary Retirement Policy for those aged 60 years and over. The incentivised policy provides voluntary retirement payouts for those who retire during the 2015/2016 fiscal year.

The retirement payout can only be paid once in a person’s lifetime and the maximum payout any government worker can receive is eight fortnights’ pay for those aged 65 years and who have worked for 30 years or more. Payouts increase with the age of employees and years of total service in the public service, up until the maximum payout threshold at age 65.

“The policy allows public servants aged 60 and over to retire to make way for younger workers and graduates wishing to work for the public service,” said Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas. The policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

There are almost 170 people eligible to read more

PRESS RELEASE – PS Commissioner 2014/15 annual report released

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24th November 2015

The PSC 2014/15 Annual Report highlights the public service performance for the year with the ministries of education, health and finance taking top awards.

The public service continued to expand the country’s economic base by way of taxation reforms to ease the burden on our people. These reforms reduced personal taxation rates and our senior citizens receiving significant increases in pensions during this period. Eligible residents aged 60-70 years received an additional $100 per month bringing their total pension to $500 per month, while those over 70 years received an increase of $240 per month bringing their total monthly pension to $640.

National educational results confirm that our students at the secondary level now have higher average pass rates than students of all ethnic origins gaining these same qualifications in New Zealand. Extensive training opportunities were provided to develop public servants, particularly our teachers and nurses, who read more

PRESS RELEASE – Finance, Health, Education get thumbs up in annual awards

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10 November 2015

Heads of Finance, Health and Education have topped the annual Cook Islands Public Service Excellence Awards. Based on performance over the 2014/2015 fiscal year, Richard Neves, Elizabeth Iro and Sharyn Paio were rewarded this month for the exemplary performance of their respective ministries.

“These awards demonstrate our commitment to recognising and rewarding high performance and encourage us to share our successes with our teams – the people who help us achieve these milestones” said Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas.

The leadership qualities of former education secretary Sharyn Paio, health secretary Elizabeth Iro and financial secretary Richard Neves were acknowledged in front of colleagues at a monthly public sector heads meeting.

The Ministry of Education was the best performing ministry. Sharyn Paio explained “All staff at the Ministry of Education deserve to be congratulated on achieving the performance excellence award from the Public Service Commissioner for the achievements read more

PRESS RELEASE – Head of Department Appointments

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22 September 2015

Congratulations to the twelve heads of Public Service Departments.

Eight former heads of public service departments commenced their new contracts from 22 September 2015 with all employment contracts ending on 30 June 2018. They include: Matairangi Purea, Secretary of Agriculture; Elizabeth Iro, Secretary of Health, Bredina Drollet, Secretary of Internal Affairs, Tingika Elikana, Secretary of Justice, Ben Ponia, Secretary of Marine Resources, Ned Howard, Secretary of Transport, Elizabeth Wright-Koteka, Chief of Staff for the Office of the Prime Minister, and Daphne Ringi, Chief Executive for the Office of the Public Service Commissioner.

New leaders include:
Anthony TuruaAnthony Turua is the new Secretary for the Ministry of Cultural Development and commenced employment on Monday 28 September 2015.
As the former Director of Finance at the Ministry of Education and a member of the Ministry’s senior management team since 2002, Mr Turua brings a
wealth of experience in public sector read more