Public Service Induction programme gets thumbs up from Aitutaki

Public Service Induction programme gets thumbs up from Aitutaki

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20 September 2016

Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas this week, delivered the public service induction programme to over 100 public servants on Aitutaki.  “The induction programme was a success and I felt privileged to help shed the light on our nation’s voyage to statehood to fellow public servants”.  Thomas confirmed that the programme “is part of our public sector strategy initiative to ensure all government employees understand their role as public servants and the workings of government”.  The workshop was well attended with public servants from Health, Agriculture, Infrastructure and the Island Administration over the four days from the 12 to 15 September 2016.  

group-workThe delivery in the local language made it easy to understand the concepts and content well said many participants, “we as public servants are here to serve our people.” Participants were impressed with the presentations given by the Commissioner with support from OPSC Human Resource Manager Mrs Sharyn Paio.  Thomas said “I am pleased with the outcome of the training and we look forward to delivering the training to teachers in Aitutaki later this year, including all public servants on all other Pa Enua.                            





The induction programme has four modules that include: our journey to statehood, machinery of government, code of conduct, and information management.     Although many public servants on Aitutaki do not have internet access, there are plans to include them on the government centralised ICT platform which will enable Pa Enua employees to access information shared by agencies on Rarotonga.  The platform promotes better internal communication and information management across government and ensures public servants are informed of initiatives and programmes affecting their work and communities.  There are currently 1,200 public servants connected to the government network.