Public Service Commissioner’s Annual Report Release

Public Service Commissioner’s Annual Report Release

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Public Service Commissioner’s Annual Report Release

17 November 2016

Public Service Commissioner, Russell Thomas, today released his 2015/16 Annual Report.  This Report highlights key achievements and challenges faced by the 13 Public Service Ministries under his management.  Some key achievements have included the 15 per cent growth in tax revenue, installation of solar energy on all Northern Group islands and 6.2 percent growth in real GDP.  Both the National Sustainable Development Plan 2016-2020 and the government’s 10 year Public Sector Strategy were also launched during this period.  Through both these strategies the government can focus on its accountability for the development of our nation and the people, structures and systems that shape the way we operate.

Key achievements for the Office of the Public Service Commissioner included the establishment of a transparent human resource management framework for the sector.  We also introduced a public service wide induction programme for all public servants, which is a significant milestone. 

The Report highlights various challenges such as recruitment and strategic planning, which continue to inhibit the quality of service delivery and achievement of targets in some ministries.  The absence of available land for agricultural research hinders research and growth in the agriculture sector. The increased prevalence of non-communicable diseases is placing increased financial pressure on the health system. An extensive national infrastructure development programme demands high levels of technical expertise to design and implement capital projects.

Despite these challenges, the Commissioner says “we will focus on lifting our strategic planning and reporting capability, train our workforce, improve our work practices, and improve our performance to build public trust and confidence in the public sector”.

The Commissioner stated “he appreciates the commitment, professionalism and collaboration of heads of ministries and their staff to strive towards our shared ‘Public Service of Excellence’ vision”.

Click here for Annual Report to Parliament