Strengthening a Public Service of Excellence

Strengthening a Public Service of Excellence

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Thursday 09 March 2016

Over 100 public servants on the islands of Mauke and Mitiaro enjoyed the public service induction training facilitated by the Public Service Commissioner, Russell Thomas and Human Resources Advisor, Teresa Tararo, over two weeks commencing 13th February to the 24th February 2017.

The Commissioner encouraged the participants to “make a positive difference in their livelihood and the sustainable development of their islands by applying the learning from the workshops to their workplace and daily lives”. Thomas added “Knowledge without application is useless!” as he continues on the mission of building and strengthening a Public Service of Excellence

The participants expressed their appreciation for the practical and fun manner in which the workshops were run, but more importantly, the delivery in Cook Islands maori which ensured better understanding and the freedom to seek further clarification. Comments from participants include; “Ka ta’i nei workshop ka raveia ki roto i te reo maori, marama tikai teia workshop”, “Meitaki tikai te apii mei mua ki muri, maramarama te akatakaanga a te puapii no te mea, kua tatara mai aia i roto i te reo maori”, “te riro nei teia apii ei akamaroiroi e te tauturu iaku kia maramarama i te angaanga e rave nei au ki runga i toku enua” and “kia putuputu te tuatau kia akatoro ia te pa enua”.

Public servantsfromMitiaro echoed the views of their Mauke colleagues expressinghow valuable they found the sessions.  One said, “a job well done on the delivery of very intensive but also informative sessions, delivered in a fun and engaging manner, mixed with our island humour”.

One participant said, “ka marama ua rai matou i te tatau e te akarongo i te reo papa’a, ko te tataraanga me kare kiritianga o tona aiteanga te ngai e ngata ana ia matou.  No reira oki teia iriirikapua i mako ei, te tatara iara i roto i te reo maori”  “Seeing our colleagues overcome with pride following the delivery of the Cook Islands Voyage to Statehood and watching the flow of discussions through questions and answers and a variety of examples was very rewarding and made possible because the delivery was mostly in maori” said Ms Tararo.  The Commissioner concluded in saying “In order for us to be successful in achieving our goal of being a Public Service of Excellence, it is important that all our employees receive this training.  I am pleased to say that the southern group islands have   received the training and we are now focusing our attention on the delivery in the Northern group islands later in this month.”

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