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Principal Adviser

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management are looking for a dynamic experienced individual who would be interested in the role of Principal Adviser. The Principal Adviser will be responsible for managing the Te Tarai Vaka activity management cycle. The Activity Management Cycle aims to ensure projects for the Cook Islands are planned, executed and assessed successfully. To be successful in this position, you are required to have: • Post Graduate or bachelor’s degree qualifications in Business Management, Project Management, Engineering or IT systems • 3‐4 years demonstrated experience in the application of project management coordination • Excellent communication skills, oral and written both in Cook Islands Maori and English... For any inquiries and if you wish to have a copy of the job description, please email Tia Henderson at tia.henderson@cookislands.gov.ck . To apply for these positions, please email your cover letter and CV to Angelia Williams at angelia.williams@cookislands.gov.ck . Applications must be received by close of business Friday 31st January 2019.


Major Projects and Procurement Support Division


Ministry of Finance and Economic Management