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Exit Interviews are a great opportunity to assess the overall employee experience within an Agency and identify opportunities to improve retention and engagement.  To help with capturing this information for the Public Sector, the Exit Interview Survey has been redesigned for both Public Servants and Interns to the Public Sector.

·       The Public Sector Employee Exit Survey is for all Public Servants.

·       The Intern Exit Survey is for students placed in Agencies for fixed periods.

·       The Agency Intern Placement Exit Survey is for Agencies to complete on their experience with Intern Placements.

The Office of the Public Service will collate and report on the data collected quarterly and in their Annual Report to Parliament.

Click on an icon below to download a survey in Word.  Once completed please scan and email to or our office is located on the Ground Floor of the Philatelic Bureau Building, Takuvaine Rd, Avarua.

Intern Exit Survey.png
Agency Intern Placement Survey.png
PS Employee Exit Survey.png

To complete a survey online click on the selected icon below.  Once completed your survey will be automatically sent to the Office of the Public Service Commissioners Human Resource Team.

Online Intern Exit Survey.png
Online Agency Intern Placement Survey.png
Online PS Employee Exit Survey.png
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