Public Service Commissioner - Past & Present


Mr Russell Thomas is currently serving as the Public Service Commissioner since March 2012. He has had a long career in the Cook Islands public  ...


Russell Thomas


Cecilia Short is from a generation of public servants that were ingrained with a purpose. As a country taking on its own livelihood, the Cook ...


Cecilia Short


The late Mr Navy Epati was appointed as the Public Service Commissioner from 2006-2012. His career in the Cook Islands public service since 1990 ....


Navy Epati


From 1963 to 1968 Richard Chapman worked with customs and occupied various senior positions in New Zealand.  In April 1968 he was appointed ...


Richard Chapman


Mr Joseph Caffery served as the Public Commissioner from 2005 to 2006. Prior to that appointment, Caffery was the Chief of ....


Joseph Caffery

Former Heads of the Public Service


Gail Townsend commenced in her role as the Secretary for Education on Monday 5th October 2015 and finished in 2017. Ms Townsend has been an Executive ...

Gail Townsend


John Herrmann trained as a teacher at Wellington Teachers Training College. Following teaching posts in New Zealand, Australia and back in the Cook ...

John Herrmann


Mr Ngametua Pokino served as the Secretary for Infrastructure Cook Islands from 2014 to 2017....

Ngametua Pokino


Ngatokorua Mataio (Nga) first joined the Ministry of Agriculture as a trainee in the Ministry’s Planning Division in March 1977. After three years, ...

Ngatokorua Mataio


Tamari’i Tutangata has had a long and distinguished career in the Cook Islands Public Service. At various times he has held the position of Chief of Staff ... 

Tamari’i Tutangata


Tuingariki Short (Tui), has held many different leadership roles within the Public Service. While he was trained as a teacher, Tui also worked in ...

Tuingariki Short

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