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[Media Release - INTAFF] Public Holiday Entitlements


Yes! Another Public Holiday coming this Long Weekend, Te Ra o te au Ariki will be observed on Friday 2nd July 2021

Section 4 of the Public Holidays (Ra o te Ui Ariki) Amendment Act 2013 states that Ra O Te Ui Ariki means the first Friday of July in each calendar year.

A friendly reminder to all employees and employers, regarding public holiday entitlements according to s(38), part 4, Employment Relations Act 2012.

1. Full and part time employees, is entitled to Public Holiday pay at their ordinary rate of pay if the public holiday falls on a day which they would normally work or is rostered to work on the Company work schedule.

2. If an employee, including a casual employee, is required to work on this public holiday, they are entitled to be compensated either by being paid double their hourly rate, or; or have an extra day added to his/her annual leave entitlement or receive time off in lieu.

Therefore, we encourage both parties to practice fair and decent discussions and mutually agree in good faith on leave options that would suit both the business and the employee if they work the public holiday and also ensure full and part time employees who would normally work on this day be paid at their normal rate if they are not working.

For any queries, please contact 29370 or email elizabeth.hosking@cookislands.gov.ck