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[Media Release - NSDA 2020+] Our Cook Islands national blueprint, our voices

7th September 2020

Over 20 Cook Islands agencies have since shared their views to help guide our Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+.

Since launch of the consultation phase on 31 July, twenty-four Cook Islands agencies have met with the Central Policy and Planning office (CPPO) of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), sharing their views on well-being, their visions for the Cook Islands and how we could get there.

The Cook Islands is currently developing the national 100-year blueprint to be endorsed next year. This will extend on from the current Cook Islands National Development Plan 2016 – 2020 and will span four generations with 25-year frameworks that are monitored against 5-year implementation plans.

“We’ve had some really interesting discussions over the past month, there are many different voices so we’ve had a wide range of thoughts and input, as well as collective themes come through,” said Valentino Wichman, Director of CPPO of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

“The development of our NSDA2020+ has come at the right time, the impacts of COVID-19 have seen us all have to pause and reset, allow us time to rethink everything, before we build back our future. The input from many we have spoken to reflects this.”

Teams from ten government ministries, ten crown agencies, two NGO’s and two state owned enterprises have all shared their input. The OPM -NSDA2020+ government webpage also has an interactive component which allows for people to input their viewpoints on key issues, and a Facebook page growing in popularity has also been a platform to receive views from Cook Islanders.

“The more feedback and voices we hear, the better we can develop a plan that reflects our collective aspirations. The more we are told by you, the more we are able to ensure that this is a 100-year vision that we all own together, and implement together,” said Ms Wichman.

Still to meet with ten more government agencies, the CPPO consultations will then focus on the non-government Organisations and private sector together with the Pa Enua as well as the three vaka on Rarotonga.

Another large component of the NSDA2020+ development is the research phase. This helps ensure the consultations, literature review and evidence, will be guided by a methodology for a well-developed national blueprint. The NSDA2020+ research committee are now in the process of procuring support for this.

“Our framework is one we are calling ‘Akapapaa’anga in reflection of our nationally owned plan – we are applying this as the cornerstone of our Cook Islands society. Through this research we will be able to identify any new issues that may obstruct the wellbeing of our people. It will help better shape the frameworks and scorecards in the future,” said Ms Wichman.

The goal is for the draft NSDA2020+ report to be presented in December for further input before submitted for endorsement in April next year.

Should you wish to know more about the Cook Islands NSDA2020+ please visit or email

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