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[Media Release - NSDA202+] Developing our national blueprint – “It’s coming along well!”

11 February 2021

Work underway to develop the 100-year Legacy of the Cook Islands, and how we get there together, is a few months away from completion.

Since the launch of the consultation phase of the Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+ in July last year over 65 consultations have been held with different groups on Rarotonga.

Collecting the thoughts of different people has seen the coordination of two forums, one in July to launch the consultation phase and the second in December was a wide-reaching consultation based upon feedback thus far.

Feedback has also been received from the two impromptu debates under the Korero Mai Debate Series to prompt public discussion on issues raised during the CINSDA2020+ consultations.

Research undertaken, reviewing all feedback, media reports and forum reports has reinforced the overall vision of the CINSDA2020+ as a shift to “wellbeing”.

“It’s all coming along well - we’ve been pleased to see the outcomes of the research which will help us form the CINSDA2020+. We’ve also been happy with all the feedback and contributions which have come in, it has all helped us build a national blueprint that is for us, and by us,” said Ms. Valentino Wichman, Director of Central Policy and Planning Office of the Office of the Prime Minister.

“We are counting down to meeting our April goal. That is when we would like to submit the CINSDA2020+ to cabinet for their endorsement. Once we have that, we’ll launch!”

The Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+ has a 100-year vision of wellbeing. This will be achieved by 25-year outcomes, these will be monitored and evaluated by 5-year plans to tell us just how well we are doing to achieving the outcomes, and vision.

The CINSDA2020+ follows on from the CINSDP 2016 – 2020 the third iteration of its kind.

This month consultations with people across the Southern Group – Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Mauke and Mitiaro with plans to consult with people across the Northern Group of Islands next month.

Voices of school children across Rarotonga colleges will also be heard and will contribute to the NSDA2020+ with visits to take place at the end of March.

“We repeat again just how important it is that your opinion and thoughts are shared with us, as this is will be our guide as a nation into the future,” said Ms Wichman.

“While we do understand it will be adapted over time to suit future circumstances in the 25-year outcome plans – this is our blueprint that we will all work together towards achieving. Now is the time to share your thoughts with us.”

A review of all feedback and research of key documents thus far have highlighted there are five areas that strongly resonate with Cook Islanders. Those are economic stability, human health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, education and governance.

To have your say, please visit the CINSDA2020+ Facebook page at or contact the office to make an appointment at or

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