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To Tatou Vai makes progress with Environmental Impact Assessment

Wednesday 15th January 2020

To Tatou Vai (TTV) have engaged New Zealand-based consultancy firm Tonkin + Taylor International (T+TI) to independently prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the intended use of poly aluminium chloride (PACl) as a water treatment coagulant. The EIA will advise as to potential effects of the by-products - sludge and discharge water from the coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation as part of the designed water treatment process for the Te Mato Vai project.

Says TTV Chief Executive Brent Manning, “T+TI is part of the well-respected and reputable NZ engineering and environmental consultancy firm Tonkin + Taylor with offices and work commitments throughout Australasia, Asia and the Pacific. Engaging them to prepare the Environmental Impact Assessment for the NES is an important step"

T+TI will work to the Terms of Reference as previously agreed with the National Environment Service (NES) in preparing the EIA for submission to NES. That is expected to occur in February. They will be reliant on input from key stakeholders such as NES, TTV and Te Ipukarea Society (TIS). Two staff from T+TI will be on Rarotonga later this week for this purpose.

To Tatou Vai is the government organisation established to manage and maintain the water supply on Rarotonga, and whose purpose is to provide reliable and safe drinking water. To Tatou Vai = Our Water.

Tereora College students at the TTV station for the 2019 Expo Careers.