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- 3D workspace with all essential objects and features, including the possibility to create 3D objects. - Interactive and collaborative features for easy creation of 3D models. - Ingest and project DXF, DWG, HP-GL/2, STL, SVG, SHP, EMF, WBM, and other formats and export them as dynamic DXF, DWG, HP-GL/2, STL, and SVG formats - Cut off and fold lines and create multi-layer (and multi-sheet) cut sheets and integrate them into the model - NURBS and primitive curves tools - Drafting tools - Editing tools - Dimension management - Measure, view, and view 3D - Drafting aids and contour tracking - Polygon tools - Contour management - Plug-ins for construction management - Locking and editing tools for more productivity Softimage, the world's leading visualization software company, is pleased to announce the release of the 18.1 version of its flagship product, Softimage XSI. Version 18.1 of Softimage XSI offers a rich set of new features and enhancements, including new workflow tools, improving product quality, and incorporating new industry standards. To help users get the most out of their investment in the product, the new release includes a free complementary registration code of the Software Assurance Package, which provides a number of new capabilities, including integration with Cintiq and Expression Premium users. New Features in the Softimage XSI 18.1 release:  One-button to One-touch integration into your existing workflows: The new One-Button to One-Touch Wizard tool can be used with any new workflows or import processes that use the IGES Import & Export pipeline. The new tool allows users to make a simple click-and-click association of one or multiple Softimage XSI commands to one or multiple workflow commands without any additional user interface steps. More information on the workflow integration can be found in the Knowledge Center (Technical Support).  More efficient post-processing: The new Camera Match Engine function in the Camera Match Engine workflow tool can perform the most complex camera motion matching scenarios in much less time than has been required in previous releases of the product. Speed and performance improvements in the Import & Export Pipeline Wizard makes it much faster to import and export from 3D SLD or Multi-Place Surface (MPS) files.  Intuitive user a5204a7ec7

- 1,000,000+ downloads! - 1,700,000+ users and more than 100,000,000 downloads worldwide! - 40 years of CAD program experience with 60+ million users. - CAD6 Industry is a powerful but easy to use solution for creating and editing drawings, schematics and CAD-data. The program includes all necessary functions you need for your 3D designs. CAD6 Industry is a professional standard with the most extended capabilities of all CAD software solutions. - Create your 1D and 2D drawings with greatest accuracy! - Easily generate support lines, 2D and 3D contours, 2D and 3D surfaces of objects, shapes and surfaces and much more. - The program provides a full set of editing and processing functions. - The integrated components and tools for generating CNC tool paths allow you to create even the most complex jobs with minimum human effort. The program generates cutting paths and generates numerical information for controlling a machine. - Ideal solution for CAD tasks in all industry branches.Human Volunteer Program Human Volunteer Program (HVP) The Human Volunteer Program is a volunteer exchange program that provides Iraqi refugees with a meaningful way to make a positive difference in their new home. Globally, refugee populations are growing at an alarming rate. In light of the current state of global affairs, both the UNHCR (the United Nations Refugee Agency) and the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, the U.S. agency that administers the country’s refugee assistance programs, feel that one of the best ways to assist people in displaced regions is through the Human Volunteer Program. By providing temporary assistance and assistance with transition, the HVP model helps support refugees and ease the transition period from their home country to their new life in the United States. The program typically lasts between 6 and 18 months. Through the HVP, we are able to provide refugees and displaced persons with food, cash, micro-enterprise training, medical training, English instruction, vocational and vocational guidance, psychology, mental health services, and general support. HVP provides service in either English or Arabic with a translational team led by an AmeriCorps VISTA or AmeriCorps NCCC member. In addition to the volunteers, HVP is led by a Community Health Coordinator, a medical coordinator, and a team of AmeriCorps VISTA/NCCC mentors who are driven by the Volunteer Foreign Language Assis-

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