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There are many Egyptian TV series you can watch in Arabic, but the most popular shows are those starring the female lead. These Egyptian dramas include El Meshwar (The Journey), Al-Kandoush 2, and Ramy. The female lead, Jamila Awad, plays a recovering drug addict who tries to save her marriage. If you haven't already watched these series, here are a few of the best to watch.

El Meshwar (The Journey)

The title of the new Arabic TV series "El Meshwar" translates to "The Journey," which tells the story of a man who has been accused of trafficking antiquities. The show's characters are played by Mohamed Ramadan and Dina el Sherbiny. Directed by Karim El Shenawy, the series is set in the Sudan, and will air on WATCH IT and DMC channels.


Toba is a new drama TV series in Egypt that is set to premiere during the Ramadan drama marathon in 2022. Starring international actor Khaled Al Nabawy and Lebanese actress Nour, the series follows an Egyptian immigrant who accumulates debt in Europe, and returns home to claim his inheritance. The series has been broadcast on Sling, and its first season was available on the streaming service.

Al-Kandoush 2

For the last few years, Egyptian television has been showing Ramadan themed drama series. One of them is Al-Kandoush. This series was produced by the Syrian artist Hussam Tahsin Bey and directed by Samir Hussein. The cast includes actors like Ayman Zidan, Salafa Mimar, Khaled Al-Qish and Shahida Ali. It is also one of the first works to be confirmed for Ramadan 2022.


Hulu released the first season of Ramy last month, aiming to provide the audience with original content. Several people wrote to the producers to express their appreciation for the series. Some fans have stated that Ramy had inspired them to pray and fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. However, the producers have also come under fire from young Arab viewers, who see the show as a misrepresentation of Islam and Arabs in general.

El Ekhtyar (The Choice)

In a country that largely rejects political television, Egypt's "The Choice" TV series is a breath of fresh air. The show's cast includes Egypt's own Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Karim Abdel Aziz, and Ahmed El Sakka. The Egyptian drama is directed by Peter Mimi and stars leading Egyptian screen giants Ahmed El Sakka and Karim Abdel Aziz. It follows the heroic stories of the Egyptian National Police and Armed Forces.


This latest action-melodrama from Egyptian director Mohamed Ramadan takes place during the 1940s and early 1950s. It is a historical folk tale of retribution and resistance against British occupation. Directed by 34-year-old Mohamed Salama, the cinematography is done by Mohammed Mokhtar. Musa is visually striking, but the plot is too mechanical and runs out of ideas midway through.

El Ekhtyar (The Choice) season 3

The third season of the Egyptian drama El Ekhtyar (The Chooser) is in the works. It will present the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and the most dangerous 96 hours of Egyptian history. The first season of the series starred Amir Karara in the role of martyr Colonel Ahmed el-Mansy, commander of Sa'ka Forces battalion 103, who was murdered along with several other members of his battalion. Source : مسلسل الفوندو 2


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