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A tenant of a Yuen Long village house has been confronted by one of the tenants who claimed to be the owner of seven cats. The tenant discovered the cats in cages and alerted the police, who then took the cats back. A dispute arose between the tenant and the landlord, which caused the police to intervene and evicting tenants. The landlord also took back her apartment. The exact situation is not clear, but it is likely that the tenants are settling the dispute over rent. A village community in Yuen Long is found in the Ping Shan district, Castle Peak Road and Hung Shui Kiu. Some of these villages are Lau Fau Shan and Pat Heung - Kam Tin. There are also a variety of estates for residential use in Tai Wai - Shatin. Tai Wai - Shatin area and within the Sai Kung and Ping Shan areas. The property you purchase in one of these villages is considered to be a classic Yuen Long home, so it is crucial to pick an old-fashioned house design and arrangement.

The Customs Drug Investigation Bureau in Industrial Estate's Customs and Excise Department has broken into a cannabis storage warehouse located in Yuen Long. The raid was able to seize the equivalent of 55 kgs cannabis with the market value of 12 million Yuan. The anti-drug operation was conducted in the neighborhood after a suspect man was found carrying the black plastic bag with three kg of cannabis. A property owner who lives in Yuen Long reported that a tenant had walked out with the cats behind and had left the property and was furious. The landlord signed a two-year lease with the tenant, and was able to pay her 7500 HK dollars per month. She claimed that the tenant left the cats in a cage , and then had no intention of returning. This sparked a dispute between the tenant and the landlord as well as the tenant. A man was detained under suspicion of dealing within Yuen Long and has been detained for three months after the arrest. He was found carrying a black plastic bag containing 3 kilograms of marijuana . He was arrested. Despite the difficulties of the two suspects the customs officials have made significant progress in the fight against illegal substances. In a similar case the suspect was arrested. A village house is a detached, low-density home. It is situated in an area that has a very little population density, and is generally quiet. Village houses are no over three levels and cannot be larger than 700 square feet per floor. It's designed to maximize space, but historically, they've been more affordable than other kinds of properties. They are less expensive, and many people are now choosing this lifestyle because of the benefits. A village home is usually an unattached, three-storey house. It is typically low-density and offers a peaceful rural lifestyle. The maximum area of the floor can be 700 sq ft. The building is built to maximize space and is an ideal option for those seeking a property in a rural setting. Unlike most other types of property houses, the village home is typically less expensive. Village homes are typically small, detached homes. They are usually situated in rural areas, in which they can live a peaceful country life. Since they're a low-density type of property, they're generally less expensive than other types of properties in Yuen Long Village House. In actuality villages are usually a good investment and it's an excellent location to live in for a variety of reasons. There are several advantages to purchasing an 元朗村屋. The village home is a separate, three-storey home. They are usually located in low-density locations, offering the rural life. In addition to the smaller size, a village house is also typically less expensive than other kinds of properties. The lower density of this type of village make it a good option for families in search of a place to live. The location is an additional advantage. It's much more convenient than living in the city's center. The village community is a wonderful area to live and live in Industrial Estate. Residents are typically middle-aged, and they have a secondary education. They also reside in low-rise villas. The majority of the houses are mortgage free and are occupied by the same clan. Village houses are a great way to live in a traditional and affordable neighborhood. The location of the house makes it a popular choice for those who want to live near the city.


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