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Do you want to find out about the PrimeXBT deposit methods at this moment? This article will disclose the interesting information which you need.

In this post, we will show you basic PrimeXBT deposit methods at the time. We believe that you can find it useful after browsing this article. Now, you can not wait any more, and let’s come with us to research the main methods of PrimeXBT deposit.

Figure 1. Choose “Deposit” on Deposit Crypto

Fundamental methods of depositing your money on PrimeXBT

Deposit Crypto

First of all, you could make a deposit with digital assets from outdoor platforms, or wallets to PrimeXBT through the deposit address on the platform. How to search for the address of deposit PrimeXBT?

- You have to visit the PrimeXBT link and sign in to your PrimeXBT account.

- Move to the “Main” site of your Account; and hit on “Dashboard”.

- Click “Deposit”

- Select “Your deposit currency”. This step will help you deposit your money on PrimeXBT.

- Copy “Your personal PrimeXBT wallet address”, and paste it in the destination field on the wallet service from which you might send funds (or take the provided QR code)

Purchasing Crypto through credit and debit card

Figure 2. A credit card is an effective deposit method

PrimeXBT makes you purchase the BTC, ETH, and 20 tokens – USDT, and USDC. Taking the credit card, or gift cards through third-party trading services.

- Initially, you also visit the PrimeXBT link, and sign in to your PrimeXBT account.

- Move to the “Main” site of your account; and hit on “Dashboard”.

- Click “Deposit”

- Select “Your deposit currency”

- Hit on the blue “Buy” button to process the payment currency and transaction method choices.

- Pick out your “Payment currency”

- Select “Payment method” which you expect to use and hit on “Buy”

Last but not least, you have to stick with the following steps below related to the selected payment method:


Figure 3. Coinify

- First of all, you choose the “Amount” which you expect to pay. Then, you click “Buy Now”.

- Select the “Email” and “Password” for your Coinify account, and go with your “Country” and choose “Next”.

- Move to your email inbox and “Confirm registration” of the Coinify account. At this moment, you have to confirm the payment method.

- While using the Coinify payment choice for the initial time; you can be asked to pass their KYC process (confirm your identity) so as to validate your Coinify account for future buying decisions.

Next, straightforwardly chase up the Verification steps and offer the required documents

- Input your “Payment information” (card information), and hit “Pay Now” to confirm the purchase.

Paxful (P2P)

Choosing the Paxful transaction method will right away open the single tab in your browser. Next, Paxful is the P2P payment choice that makes you buy BTC through different payment solutions like online wallets, gift cards, and debit payments.

-First of all, you have to stick with the “Amount and Currency” wish to pay. Then, hit the “Log in”.

-Select the “Email” for your Paxful account. Next, make a click “Log in”. When you use the payment choices for the initial time, you could be asked to validate extra information like your phone number, and address so as to verify the Paxful account for future buying decisions.

In that circumstance, you should stick with “Verify me” as displayed in the screenshot and chase up the provided Paxful verification processes.

- Keep going to the transaction, and select the “Payment method”: On this site, you might be displayed with all the payment methods and provided with independent suppliers on Paxful, grouped by the payment choice which they are expecting to admit.

You have to check the provided exchange ratio, payment results, fees, and select the offer which fits you most, and hit on “Review offer”.

- Let’s review the “Details of your offer” and confirm your buying decision.

You have to verify “phone number and your email” to finish your transaction (if you have validated the Paxful account, and straightforwardly confirm your buying decision)

Wrapping It Up

As soon as you do a bit of reading about the PrimeXBT deposit methods in this article. We make sure that you will be confident in depositing your money on the PrimeXBT platform in the future. Finally, bear in mind to leave your feedback in the comment section below.


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