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If you want to learn more about Arabic cinema, read our Top 10 list of Arab movies and television shows. From Paradise Now to Bent Esmaha Zat, you will find something for everyone's taste. These films, both recent and classic, are incredibly inspirational and multilingual. You will find that you'll want to watch them over again. But which ones are the best?

Paradise Now

The movie was a box office hit when it was released in English, but it was not widely seen until its release in Arabic cinemas. Paradise Now was released in 65 theatres in the U.S., where it made about $400,001 in its first 20 days. The movie cost two million dollars to make, and it was distributed by Warner Independent Pictures. Paradise Now is Abu Assad's second feature film. His first film, "Rana's Wedding", examined the dreams of a 17-year-old Palestinian girl. It was screened at one cinema, and grossed just over $10,000.

Bent Esmaha Zat

Inspired by the novel Zaat by Sonallah Ibrahim, Bent Esmaha is a popular Ramadan television series that tells the story of a young Egyptian girl who faces many challenges throughout her life. It provides a great primer on Egyptian culture, ranging from the onset of the Six-Day War to changes in the country's political economy. The series also features the participation of three Egyptian presidents, including one who is later overthrown by the military.

I Have a Script

Netflix announced two new Ramadan series this month, The Writer and I Have a Script, which will be available to stream on the streaming service starting May 6. The Writer tells the story of the famous Kuwaiti writer Younis Jubran and stars Bassel Khaiat, while I Have a Script revolves around the life of a woman who writes TV show scripts.

Secret of the Nile

Netflix's Secret of the Nile is a 30-episode drama series in Arabic that debuted during Ramadan 2016. It is the first Egyptian drama to be available on the global SVOD service. It has subtitles in English, Spanish, French, and simplified Chinese, making it an excellent option for viewers of many different languages. Secret of the Nile is an engrossing and absorbing story that will leave you glued to your screen for hours.

West Beirut

While a lot of Arab movies and TV shows portray West Beirut as a violent and chaotic place, the film has its funny moments, too. It chronicles the massacre of a bus full of Palestinians by Christian Phalange in 1975, an event considered to be the catalyst for the war. In the film, Palestinian singer Fairouz sings as his fellow passengers are shot, and the ending leaves the audience with a sense of horrific pain. It's a very powerful film that many Lebanes found hard to watch.


If you haven't noticed, you can hear various dialects of Arabic in movies and television shows from various countries. These dialects are usually the same, but some are different from one another. For example, Egyptian Arabic speakers are likely to use /fi/ while the Levantine fih and North African kayn will most likely use /fi/. Likewise, dialects from the Mediterranean and Arabian Peninsula may be closer to the MSA than other dialects. Source : مسلسل كسر عظم

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