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Yieldnodes review: is a service scam or legit?

If you are looking for information on whether an investment platform offers a reputable passive income, then you should stop by and see Yieldnodes review. Because this is an article about a very reputable passive income earning platform for you that is the Yielnodes application.

Yieldnodes platform general introduction

Yieldnodes uses the new blockchain-based and enhanced Masternodes leasing program.

The platform works through Masternodes and increases the price, for the users they will find a passive income every month.

However, Yieldnodes is still in the early stages of development and has attracted a large number of users and received great traction from the community.

Here, we will walk you through Yieldnodes you will understand what it is, how it works and explain all its features in detail.

What are Yieldnodes?

In general, this is a “pay for service” platform that brings profits to users through a mathematical algorithm combined with Masternoding.

Passive income platform through server rental program for masternodes. These include blockchain validation and cryptocurrency storage.

How Yieldnodes Works

Yieldnodes will work thanks to the integration of Masternodes. Yieldnodes will give users the opportunity to be part of that group and will generate passive income by renting out masternodes.

Masternodes monthly profit is around 10%. This is due to the amazing ROI masternodes can get using the proof-of-stake network

For comparison, investing in real estate can generate an annual rate of 10% but Yieldnodes will generate that rate within a month.The recent overall annual return of around 101% is a staggering 101%, which means monthly compounding options users get an amazing 265%.

As the cryptocurrency market has been going through a bull run in recent months, users can report huge profits of almost 20% a month.

How will Yieldnodes make money?

When these profits can be received by users, it is natural to ask how Yieldnodes make money.

We should simply understand that this platform has made a profit through various masternoding activities precisely because of the fact that their ecosystem is growing rapidly.

These activities even include exchange services along with the projects on which YIeldnodes operates.

15% of the profits that Yieldnodes generate will go directly to them and the remaining 85% goes to users.

The platform, if it makes a profit, will quote you a price.

Deposits and Withdrawals

In general, deposit and withdrawal is one of the goals that every user wants to mention.

Deposit process

When you deposit money into Yieldnodes, the money will immediately be converted into masternodes.

The creation of masternodes requires locking of funds so that the proof-of-stake model can recognize your investment as a trusted source. This process can take anywhere from six months to a year and this is arguably the reason why this type of investment has the longest waiting time.

In this platform your deposits will be locked for six months then you cannot withdraw them before that period has passed.

How to withdraw money

Yieldnodes gives two coins

You can withdraw the full amount that you receive as monthly profit (will be transferred to your account on the 1st of every month).

You can withdraw the investment after the six-month period has passed.

When withdrawing, the platform is forced to dissolve the masternodes in which your own funds are stored.


In this Yieldnodes review, it is not a form of invitation for you to invest in this Yieldnodes platform. But over here, we have reviewed the information we know about Yieldnodes to share more for those who need information about it. Thank you so much for following us.


YieldNodes Review

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