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Our Vision

Public Service of Excellence

To deliver quality goods and services through effective leadership governance and achieve National Sustainable Development Plan goals.

Aitutaki 6  photo by Melina Tuiravakai.j



Policy and Planning

  • Provide policy advice to Ministers of the Crown

  • Review the Machinery (structures) of Government

  • Review and approve Organisational  Structures

  • Establish Human Resource Policies and Standards

  • Investigate breaches of the Public Service Act and unresolved employment disputes

  • Report to Parliament on the State of the Public Service


Human Resources Management 

  • Recruitment of Leaders for the Public Service 

  • Review the performance of Leaders of the Public Service

  • Review agency performance and capability

  • Provide capability development advice and coordinate Public Service wide training

  • Administer the whole-of-government Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)

  • Coordinate job evaluations and compliance with the Public Sector remuneration framework

  • Administer the New Zealand Government Superannuation Fund

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