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Here you will find publications that relate to the Cook Islands Government and Public Sector. ​To report problems or suggest improvements and/or request additional information or documents, please contact us directly. 

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Sector Strategies

Here you will find Sector Strategies and other related information

Analysis Reports

Here you will find Community Satisfaction Surveys of Cook Islands Public Service Analysis Report and Leadership Survey Reports along with other related information

Capacity Assessments

Here you will find Capacity Assessments and other related information

Functional Reviews

Here you will find Functional Reviews and other related information

Business Plans

Here you will find Ministry and Agency Business Plans and other related information

Public Service Manuals

Here you will find Cook Islands Government Public Service and Head's of Ministry Manuals and other related information

Government Acts

Here you will find Cook Islands Government Acts and other related information

Annual Reports

Here you will find the Public Service Commissioner's Annual Report to Parliament which summarises the performance of the Public Service and other related information

National and Regional Reports

Here you will find National and Regional Reports and other related information

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