Our Vision

To deliver quality goods and services through effective leadership governance and achieve National Sustainable Development Plan goals.

Our Strategy

Our transformation will focus on improving effectiveness and efficiency in three critical ares:

1. People
2. Structures
3. Systems

Public Service of Excellence

To deliver quality goods and services through effective leadership and governance.

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Policy and Planning

  • Provide policy advice to Ministers of the Crown
  • Review the machinery (structures) of government
  • Review and approve organisational staffing structures
  • Establish human resource policies and standards
  • Investigate breaches of the Public Service Act and unresolved employment disputes
  • Report to Parliament on the State of Service

Human Resources Management 

  • Recruitment of Leaders for the Public Service¬†50th Anniversary
  • Review the performance of Leaders of the Public Service
  • Review agency performance and capability
  • Provide capability development advice and coordinate Public Service-wide training
  • Administer the whole of government human resource management information system
  • Coordinate job evaluations and compliance with the public sector remuneration framework
  • Administer the New Zealand Government Superannuation Fund