Cook Islands Public Sector  Demographics
As at 30th June 2022.  Next update October 2022

Where Public Servants Work

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As of the 30th of June, 2022, there were a total of 2,488 employees working for in the Public Sector. The majority (87%) worked in the Public Sector (60%) and the Island Government (27%).

Employee Status

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Most employees (74%) are hired on a full-time basis with casual (12%), part-time (11%) and Temp work (3%) making up the other categories.

Age & Gender Breakdown of the Public Sector

Age & Gender Breakdown of the PS.png
Public Sector workers had a median age of 45, with male employees slightly higher (47) than females (43).

Department Type by Gender

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The total female Public Sector employees is 1329, while male employees total 1159.

Total Employees in the Public Sector

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The largest proportion of Public Sector employees work for the Ministry of Health(467) and Ministry of Education(457)

Total Employees in Crown Agencies

Total Employees Crown Agencies.png
Cook Islands Police Department are the largest employer in this sector, with a total of 118 employees

Total Employees in Ministerial Support

Total Employees Ministerial Support.png
The Prime Ministers Support Office is the largest employer with a total of 12 employees.  29 male  employees compared with 19 females.

Total Employees in Island Government 

Total Employee Island Governments.png
Pukapuka is the largest employer in the Pa Enua with a total of 233 employees and Palmerston is the smallest with 17.  

Total Employees in Parliamentary Services 

Total Employees Parliament.png
One of the smallest Public Sector Agencies with a total of 38 employees.

Gender Comparison of Salary Ranges

Gender Comparison of Sarlary Ranges.png
The largest proportion of employees, 842, fall into the 10-20k salary range.  Female employees make up the larger proportion of employees earning between 30-40k.

Salary Range Breakdown

Salary Range Breakdown.png
2287 emplyees earn less than 50k annually, leaving 201 employees with a annual salary above 50k.