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Authority & Functions of the Public Service Commissioner


Scope of Authority
The Public Service Commissioner’s authority extends to 14 Heads of Ministries and employees. All public servants must comply with the Act. Crown agencies and other entities are defined as State Services under the Act, and are required to comply with the remuneration framework of government, good employer principles, public service values, and code of conduct.

Statutory functions of the Commissioner

  • Provides advice to Ministers of the Crown on matters relating to the Public Service

  • Intermediary between Ministers of the Crown and Heads of Department in relation to functions

  • Develops and promotes personnel policies and standards for Heads of Departments and Public Service

  • Promotes and ensures compliance with the public service code of conduct and values

  • Provides advice on the training and career development of Public Servants

  • Determines salary ranges for positions in the Public Service in accordance with the remuneration system approved by Cabinet

  • Reviews and makes changes to the machinery of government

  • Instigates inquiries relating to the administration of the public service

  • Investigates unresolved disputes between employers and employees within the public service

  • Appoints Heads of Public Service Departments and negotiates conditions of employment

  • Issues written instructions to Heads of Departments relating to the implementation of government policies

  • Reviews the performance of Heads of Public Service Departments

  • Ensures Heads of Departments are not subject to unlawful or improper pressure from the Ministers of the Crown or members of Parliament

Public Service Commissioner & Staff


Public Service Commissioner


Corporate Services Manager

Mrs. Eileen Macquarie


Office Assistant

Ms. Rangi Tutai


Chief Executive Officer


Human Resources Manager


Human Resource Advisor


Policy & Planning Manager

Ange PP.jpg

Head of Agencies Relationship Coordinator

Ms. Angela Charlie


Policy Advisor

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