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This page contains current Cook Island Government Human Resource Policies and Associated Documents.  There is also a section at the end labelled Additional Forms & Documents that are regularly used in the Public Sector.

The policies are listed in alphabetical order so simply scroll down until you find the policy you are looking for, click on the document icon to open and download.

To report problems, suggest improvement or request additional documents that would be helpful to be available on the OPSC website then please email

Acceptable User Policy
Acceptable User Policy 2016.png
Agency Restructuring
Agency Restructuring Policy 2018.png
Change Managment Plan.png
Annex 01 Implementation Plan.png
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct Policy.png
Communications Policy.png
Contracting for Services
Contracting for Services 2023.png
Contracting for Services Guide 2023.png
Contracting for Services TOR 2023.png
Annex 01 Conflict of Interest Declaration Form.png
Disclosures Whistleblower
Disclosures Whistleblower Policy 2018.png
Employment Disputes
Employment Disputes Policy 2018.png
Internships Policy 2023.png
Internships Policy Guide.png
Job Evaluations
Job Evaluations Policy 2018.png
Leaving the Service
Leaving the Service Policy 2023.png
Leaving the Service Guide 2023.png
Agency Intern Placement Survey.png
PS Employee Exit Survey.png
Intern Exit Survey.png
Machinery of Government
Machinery of Government Policy 2018.png
Motor Vehicle
Motor Vehicle Policy 2019.png
Occupational Safety & Health
Occupational Safety and Health Policy 2016.png
Official Information
Official Information Management Policy 2018.png
Official Travel
Official Travel Policy 2019.png
Performance Management
Performance Management Policy 2018.png
PM Policy 24.jpg
PM Process 24.jpg
PM Process 24.1.jpg
PDP 24.jpg
Political Neutrality
Political Neutrality Policy 2023.png
Political Neutrality Guide 2023.png
Election Guidelines 2022.png
Private Employment
Private Employment or Enterprise Policy 2018.png
Recruitment Policy 2023.png
Annex 05 Conflict of Interest Declaration Form.png
Annex 09 Reference Check Form Template.png
Annex 14 Probationary Period Guide.png
Annex 19 Employment & Employee Type Guide.png
Annex 01 Recruitment Process Map.png
Annex 06 Shortlisting Template.png
Annex 10 Appointment Recommendation Form.png
Annex 15 Probationary Period Management Plan Template.png
Annex 20 Employment Guide for S31 Employees.png
Annex 02 Job Description Template.png
Annex 07 Successful or Unsuccessful Letter Template.png
Annex 11 Employment Agreement Template.png
Annex 16 Probationary Period Management Successful or Unsuccessful Letter Template.png
Annex 03 Vacanany Portal Template.png
Annex 08a Interview Question & Scoring Template.png
Annex 12 Offer of Employment Letter Template.png
Annex 17 Variation of Employment Letter Template.png
Annex 20 Employment Guide for S31 Employees.png
Annex 04 Employment Application Form.png
Annex 08 Interview Question & Scoring Excel Template.png
Annex 13 Checklist for Hiring an Applicant with a Criminal Record.png
Annex 18 Recruitment Policy Guide.png
Remuneration Policy 2017.png
Redundancy Policy 2018.png
Risk Management
Risk Management Policy 2018.png
Secondments Policy 2023.png
Secondments Guide 2023.png
Secondments TOR.png
Training & Development
Training & Development Policy 2018.png
Additional Forms & Documents
Employment Notices Guide.png
NCE .png
CISNF Membership.png
PS Employee Handbook Cover Page.png
Values Guide V3.jpg
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