Are generic and important notices for the GENERAL PUBLIC in the Cook Islands.  The notices are from across the COOK ISLANDS GOVERNMENT and are regularly updated as information is received by our office.  For further information follow the links below or contact us

State Memorial Service for HRH, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh
NZ GSF - 2021 Identity and Survival Forms



The Office of the Public Service Commissioner (OPSC) wishes to advise that the 2021 Identity and Survival Audit forms for the NZ Government Superannuation have arrived at their office in Avarua.  All letters for Rarotonga will be held at the office for collection.


Letters for the Outer Islands has been sent to each Island Executive Officer for distribution.

Completed forms are to be back in NZ before 1 May 2021.

Note: This fund is managed by DATACOM and not WINZ


For any enquiries please phone 29 421




Te akakite iatu nei kite au tangata e koi nei ite moni (GSF) tona akatakaanga me kua angaanga ana koe nate Kavamani Kuki Airani e kua akangaroi atu ite angaanga, noou teia nuti. 


Kua tae akaou mai ta kotou au peapa te ka anoano ia kotou kia taina.


Aere mai kite opati ote Paepae Ropianga ote Kavamani (Office of The Public Service Commissioner) i Avarua ite pae mai ite opati ote NZ High Commission –ngai maani anga passport.

Te au enua ivao mai kua tuku iatu teia kite au opati ote Kavamani i runga ito kotou enua tataki’tai. Aravei atu ia ratou.

Ka anoano ia teia peapa kia akaoki iatu ki Nuti Reni i mua ake ite 1 May 2021.


Kare teia ite moni NZ pension me kore moni angaanga Nuti Reni e nate WINZ e akatere ana.

Note uiui marama taniuniu atu ite numero 29 421

Stop the SCAM - Be KukiWise 

Kia Orana, 


Please click on the links below to watch the video SCAM Awareness Campaign.


We need to protect each other from any Cyber Crime happening. Please share the link with all your families and friends. - with English Subtitles
 - with Cook Islands Maori Subtitles


Assistance provided to Farmers & Growers

to apply for the “Sole Trader Assistance Package”


The Ministry of Agriculture with the Business Trade and Investment Board invites our Famers and Growers who require assistance with applying for the “Sole Trader Assistance Package” released as part of Phase II of the COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, to come and see us during the following days.


Tuesday and Thursday between 9am to 11am commencing 16 February 2021 until 30 March 2021.  Although an appointment is not necessary, it is advisable to ring first before coming to our offices.

Ministry of Agriculture number: 28-711        BTIB number: 24-296


To assist with your application, you will need:

  1. Documented evidence of your income for December 2019 and December 2020;

  2. You must be able to show at least a 30% decline in income from December 2019 as compared to December 2020;

  3. Have all tax filings and payments up to date;

  4. Have an RMD Number;

  5. Be registered on-line with CINSF;

  6. Must be actively trading.


You can also visit the Private Sector Taskforce at the Chamber of Commerce office who can help you with your application.


Meitaki maata



Te ʼakakite ʼia ātu nei ki te kātoatoa ē ʼe ka tōpiri ʼia to tātou ʼAre Karioi Nui ʼē pērā te nga Tāupe tiaorangi o to tātou Tauranga Vānanga. Ka akamata teia i te Ru’itoru rā 5 o ʼAukute nei ʼē tae ʼuātu ki te marama Tītema i teia mataᶦiti, ta’i mano rua ngaᶦuru (2020).

ʼE karere ʼakamaʼara akaᶦōu teia kia kōtou e te au taeake no ta kōtou au anga’anga tei tāraʼu’ia note rave ki roto i te ʼAre Karioi Nui ʼē pērā te nga Tāupe no teia au marama ʼAukute, Tepetema, ʼOkotopa, Noema ʼē Tītema. ʼAkakoromaki mai kua vaiʼo mārie ʼia teia kia rauka i te au kamupani tei akataka ʼia kia rave i te au ʼangaʼanga tei ʼakakoroʼia ki runga i to tātou ngutuʼare.

Meitaki maʼata

Te Tama ʼAkatere ʼAu

Anthony Turua.


The general public is advised that the National Auditorium be closed to the Public starting Wednesday 05th August until December 2020 for renovations. The two Domes will no longer be available to the public starting September 2020 as a precautionary measure for the renovations.

This is a reminder to all clients who have booked the National Auditorium or Domes for various events that this will no longer be possible for the months of August, September, October, November and December. Please accept our sincere apologies for the changes, the contractors require the whole area to be cleared to ensure the renovations are completed safely and as scheduled.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Head of Ministry

Anthony Turua.

 Travelling Passengers Information

5 February 2021

As has been widely communicated, Rarotonga has for many months been experiencing below-average rainfall.

In order to get the maximum amount of water coming through the system and to consumers To Tatou Vai is bypassing the water cleaning regime. This has the consequence of water possibly being a darker colour than consumers have been used to in recent months, and certainly since the PACL trials started at each of the 10 intakes late last year.

Until such time that To Tatou Vai can provide potable water, all residents reliant on the public supply of water straight off the mains for drinking and cooking purposes need to remember to continue boiling their water.

That said, please also remember that there are 18 water stations scattered around the island where residents can collect free potable water, offsetting the need to boil water at home.

These stations are maintained by To Tatou Vai, the water is tested regularly and the results are displayed at each of the water stations. In the coming weeks, storage capacity at those stations that do not currently have tanks will be installed, enhancing supply.

ENDS: Enquiries to Jaewynn McKay +682 55486

Consultation on Cook Islands Public Health Law Reforms Nov 2020

This month Te Marae Ora Cook Islands Ministry of Health will be undertaking consultations on our Public Health Act (2004).


The current Act is outdated and needs to be modernised to meet current and emerging public health threats. I am pleased with the draft policy document that WHO consultants have prepared.


There are four existential threats we are facing as a people:

1.            COVID-19

2.            Non-communicable diseases and obesity epidemic

3.            Climate Change

4.            Anti-microbial resistance


The important message here is:

1.            Review the policy and summary documents

2.            Let us know if we should add or remove a topic.

3.            Raise concerns if you have any.

4.            This is an iterative process up until the submission of the Bill to parliament.

5.            COVID-19 has demonstrated how important it is for us to progress this.


For more information:


Please send comments to:

MFEM - Customs: Notice to all declarants

Due to a large number of recurring entry errors being observed and managed by Customs, with effect Monday 3rd February 2020, the Cook Islands Customs Service intends to commence imposing Administrative Penalties pursuant to section 160 of the Customs Revenue and Border Protection Act 2012.

Administrative Penalties will apply to every entry (or amendment to entry) required under this Act and includes every supporting document or declaration required to be made or produced by every person making the entry.

An Administrative penalty will apply when:

  1. an amount of duty payable under the Act has not (or will not) been paid or declared for payment

  2. the entry is otherwise materially incorrect

Notice of such a penalty will be given in writing to the person who made the entry. That person has 20 working days from the notice date, to satisfy the Comptroller that the person is entitled to be exempted from such a penalty.

The penalties that will apply and as stated in the Act are:

  1. Where an amount of duty payable under the Act has not (or will not) been paid or declared for payment, the penalty is $100.00 or an amount equal to 20% of the duty unpaid or not declared up to a maximum of $5000.00

  2. Where the entry is otherwise materially incorrect, the penalty is $100.00 for each entry.


Kia Orana kotou katoatoa,


You are invited to participate in the household survey for the Cook Islands Marine Ecosystem Service Valuation (MESV) study. This study is part of the Cook Islands Ridge to Reef (R2R) project supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with funding from Global Environment Facility (GEF) in partnership with the Cook Islands Government. The study will support the Marae Moana Coordination Office to better protect and sustainably manage the marine resources of the Cook Islands.

The purpose of the household survey is to collect information on Cook Islanders' use of the marine environment and the values they place on it, including:

  1. Harvest of fish and other resources

  2. Leisure and recreation

  3. Cultural practices

  4. Conservation of biodiversity, native and migratory species

  5. Threats to the marine environment

The survey is conducted by Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) and Dr. Luke Brander from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) on behalf of the Ridge to Reef project for the Cook Islands Government. If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact


Kia Manuia

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