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Are generic and important notices for the GENERAL PUBLIC in the Cook Islands.  The notices are from across the COOK ISLANDS GOVERNMENT and are regularly updated as information is received by our office.  For further information follow the links below or contact us

ICI - Road Titikaveka_page-0001.jpg
ATIU PANUI 6-8 JUNE 2023_page-0001.jpg
ATIU PANUI 6-8 JUNE 2023_page-0002.jpg
ATIU PANUI 6-8 JUNE 2023_page-0003.jpg
ATIU PANUI 6-8 JUNE 2023_page-0004.jpg
ATIU PANUI 6-8 JUNE 2023_page-0005.jpg
World Food Safety Day 2023_page-0001.jpg
WHO Five Keys To Safer Food_page-0001.jpg
Customs Broker Course_page-0001.jpg
Beekeeping Services.jpg
Livestock Services.jpg
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